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Mildenhall is a busy little market town rich in history, places to visit and traditional English entertainment (pubs!). You'll see from our list there are loads of pubs to crawl between; all friendly and offering their own forms of entertainment from big screen sports to pool, disco's and beer gardens. If you think you can handle a beer in each and every one we'd suggest booking a room in a local B&B or hotel!

  Aside from a vast number of ale houses you can find entertainement in the history of Mildenhall. The north porch of our 13th century St. Mary's church is the largest in Suffolk - worthy of a visit, the Market Cross, the Town Pump and a number of timber framed buildings are all worth a trip to see.

  Mildenhall itself will always be associated with the 4th Century Roman silverware which was unearthed in the area in 1942 and dubbed 'The Mildenhall Treasure'. Although it's in the British Museum the treasure´s story is featured in the town´s museum.

If you'd like a guided tour of the town you can book from Tourist Information in the Mildenhall Museum:

Mildenhall Town Trail
Mildenhall Information Centre in Mildenhall Museum
Available May-Sept: Tue-Sat 1100-1630.
Phone +44 (0)1638 715484.
Contact: info@mildenhallmuseum.co.uk

  If you plan on stepping outside of town then we're close to the racing town of Newmarket, the beautiful Thetford Forest and High Lodge center that features outdoor concerts in the summer time and right on our doorstep is the USAF air base to which plane spotters travel from all over the country.

Staying within the Parish? Then Mildenhall Stadium is the place to visit. Offering Greyhound Racing, Stock Cars and Speedway you'll find a racy night out for you and friends that's not going to cost you a packet.

Snushall & Son Fish & Chips
7 King Street
IP28 7EZ
01638 713135

The Dragon House, Chinese
4 Police Station Square
IP28 7ER
01638 712087

Gandhi Indian Cuisine
12c High Street
IP28 7EQ
01638 712209

Istanbul Turkish Kebab House
14a High Street
01638 711805


Mildenhall Stadium
Hurdlers Drove
01638 711777

Mildenhall Social Club
address line
01638 000000

Jubilee Center
address line
01638 000000

Riverside Hotel
17 Mill Street
01638 717274

The Half Moon /
Hungry Horse
103 Kingsway
01638 515413

White Hart Hotel
21 High Street
01638 713894

The Tigers Head
20 High Street
01638 510667

The Bell Hotel
25 High Street
01638 583511

Maids Head
9 Kingsway
01638 713366

Queens Arms
42 Queensway
01638 713657

Touchdown Taxis
Worlington Road
m. 07804 789750

M&L Taxis
01638 712261

There's plenty more research to be done to track down
contact details, meantime you may find what you're
looking for here:

Mildenhall Town Concert Band Anglo-American ::
01638 716571

Mildenhall & District Lions Club :: 01638 715467

Mildenhall Social Club :: 01638 712143

The Larks Social Club :: 01638 717343

Probus :: 01638 712143

Royal British Legion
01638 713343

Civil Service
01638 718321

Mildenhall Bowling Club
01638 713660

Mildenhall Angling Club
01638 715895

Mildenhall Bridge Club
01638 510418

Riverside Theatre Group
01638 716177

Mildenhall Lodge Of Free Masons
01638 714180

Mildenhall Sharks (swimming)
01638 717813

Carers Association
01638 714751

Allotment Association
01638 715372

Forum 55 Plus
(Forest Heath Area)
01638 714242

Mildenhall Museum Society
01638 714315

Lark Valley Preservation Society/
Lark Angling Club
01842 861369

Forest Heath Area
Air Cadets / Army Cadets / Sea Cadets /
Parachute Regimental Association
01223 351899

Links to Mildenhall and local area interest sites...

Live Music

There has always been a good selection of live music in Mildenhall and parish.

We ask local venues to supply us with listings of acts, genres and dates so we can get your house jumping!

Greyhound Racing :: Mildenhall Stadium
Tuesdays & Fridays, from 7.30pm, free parking, great food, well priced drinks.

Mildenhall Movies :: Jubilee Centre
Once a month the Suffolk Digital Cinema Network hits Mildenhall with a choice movie. Patrons get to vote on the next flick played and entry starts at just £3. Tickets available from Barleycorn.

Mildenhall Bridge Club www.mildenhallbridgeclub.com

Got a Regular Event?
Let us know about it here.

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The Jubilee center has set up a Youth Club (yeah, we know, cool name huh?) that features: Playstation, Pool Table, Trips & Footie.

You can also sit back and sip a cappuccino at the Coffe Bar and/or get in to competitions, projects, cooking classes and crafts.

Should you feel the need you can also talk to the Members Committee, counsellors, visiting nurse and community cops - don't let that put you off - this is about having somewhere to hang-out and having stuff to do with friends rather than wrinkly lectures.

Details as follows:
Mondays & Fridays, 7.15pm-9.30pm
Entry: 50p, first session FREE
Ages: 13-16 years old
Info: 01638 510413 / 510240

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